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UNDERSTAND YOUR RIGHTS. As a hospice worker or caregiver, it’s important to help surviving family members understand their rights when it comes to cremation. Here at Horan & McConaty, we voluntarily adhere to a strict set of standards, known as our Cremation Code of Ethics, and we believe families are entitled to each of the following rights:

  • The survivors have the right to absolute integrity from the crematory staff.
  • The survivors have the right to freedom of choice and a positive “can-do” attitude from our staff.
  • The survivors have the right to select from easy to understand packages that simplify the process.
  • The survivors have the right to view and select from a wide and value-priced variety of cremation merchandise that is utilized in the cremation process (a cremation container) and will subsequently contain the cremated remains (an urn).
  • The survivors have the right to be advised of any policies and applicable legal requirements prior to finalizing the cremation arrangements and the Cremation Authorization Form.
  • The survivors have the right to inspect the crematory at any time. Our “Open Door Policy” allows families to view our crematory, 11150 E. Dartmouth Avenue (at Parker Road) and learn about how we responsibly conduct cremations and carefully handle cremated remains.

Don’t let the families you serve settle for a substandard cremation provider. Send them to Horan & McConaty, where they’ll discover the ultimate peace of mind.

Discover the ultimate peace of mind with our superior cremation services. When families choose Horan & McConaty for cremation, they take comfort knowing that their loved one will always be in our staff’s compassionate, capable hands. Because we offer cremations at our very own crematory, their loved one never leaves the shelter of our expert care. Our certified, trained professionals handle every step of the cremation process with dignity and respect.

We are among the very few mortuaries to operate our own crematory inside our clean and secure facility. Colorado is the only state without licensing or inspections of crematories, which allows anyone with little or no qualifications to offer cremation from garages, industrial warehouses, contract crematories and other substandard facilities. Don’t settle for these second-rate cremation services. Turn to Horan & McConaty for superior care.

Our experienced professionals handle each cremation with care and dignity, all while adhering to the highest standards. To assure each loved one is being cared for appropriately, we follow a rigid 14-Point Pre-Cremation Checklist and ensure two staff members are included in every cremation process.

We are the region’s first crematory to encourage each family’s personal inspection of our facilities. We also offer a special viewing room located next to our crematory for those who wish to be present for the start of the cremation.

As members of the Cremation Association of North America, our staff receives advanced certifications to perform cremations. We strictly adhere to a Cremation Code of Ethics, an assurance to families of our commitment to dignity and honesty.

Cremation is the clean and ecologically safe process of reducing a body to its basic elements. During a cremation, the casket or container holding the deceased is placed in the cremation chamber. The chamber temperature reaches up to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cremated remains are carefully removed from the cremation chamber. The remains are then processed into a material called “cremated remains.” Our cremation experts then place the cremated remains in a temporary container or an urn chosen and purchased by the family. Throughout the entire process, we use a carefully controlled labeling system to ensure accurate identification of the cremated remains.

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