July 2014 Caregiver Award – Suzanne Caverly

Suzanne Caverly is the winner of the July Hospice Caregiver Award, presented by Horan & McConaty.

She was nominated by Peter Repka who had the following to say about why he nominated Suzanne.

A year ago last Thanksgiving, my mom, Edith Repka, went to the hospital for about five days for heart related problems. Within two weeks, Mom was back in the hospital and at that point she told us that she didn’t want to go back to the hospital again, so we, Mom, Lisa, her daughter, and I called a couple of hospice care centers. After a short deliberation, we decided on The Denver Hospice. As it turned out, we could not have picked a better place.

So at the beginning of 2013, The Denver Hospice was set to come into Mom’s home and take over the care of her. Her first nurse, who happened to be a good friend of the Pete Lansing family, soon after taking care of Mom, decided to retire. As disappointed as we were, this lead to Suzanne Caverly coming into Mom’s and our lives. After the first few visits, we all had come to the conclusion that Suzanne was not only a great nurse but an awesome person. Suzanne started off seeing Mom once a week on Wednesdays and the longer she came, all of us, especially Mom , realized how special of a person had come into her life.

Suzanne treated Mom with so much love and caring that the comfort level soared to incredible heights. Suzanne started off leaving me notes about Mom condition and then she started talking to me on the phone on a regular basis. Which for me was much more personable and allowed me to ask questions immediately. This was so helpful to me. Mom would tell me that after awhile that she felt so comfortable with Suzanne, she felt she could and did talk to Suzanne about anything, including her eventual death.


At this point, when Suzanne would come visit with Mom, she would stay much longer than the required one hour and often, depending upon Suzanne schedule, she would stay upwards of a couple or three hours. This gave mom great peace and allowed the both of them to really get to know each other beyond either ones expectations. As Mom’s disease got worse, Suzanne’s support and visits increased. Suzanne would call and talk to my sister in Glenwood Springs, and update, as well as console her best she could. Suzanne and all of my family became so close over a relatively short period that seemed like an eon of time. In other words, she became part of our family. She told me how much she loved my mom and how my mom gave her so much strength.

When the time came nearer to Mom’s death, I could tell how much this was affecting her. But Suzanne never allowed this to affect her caring of Mom. In fact, it seemed to strengthen the bond between her and Mom, Lisa and me. Suzanne became the person that I turned to for support, knowledge and strength and she did this with open arms and a caring and loving heart. Suzanne did her job and then some with as much grace as my mom lived her life and certainly with as much grace as Mom when she died. Suzanne meant so much to my mom and means that much more to myself and Lisa. Suzanne has carved a place in my heart and family that will be there as long as I’m around.

May God bless this special woman,

Peter A. Repka
Son of Edie Repka

Thank you Suzanne for your commitment to those you serve!

Congratulations to our July winner Suzanne Caverly.

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