July 2013 Caregiver Award – Tamesha Prout

Tamesha Prout, CNA at Suncrest Hospice is the winner of the Hospice Caregiver Award, presented by Horan & McConaty.

Chelsey McCrory, a coworker at Suncrest Hospice, submitted the following letter explaining why she nominated Tamesha.

“I am nominating Tamesha Prout because she has outstanding levels of caring and compassion for both her patients and her fellow CNAs. When I started working for Suncrest, she took me under her wing for 2 of my 3 days of shadowing and made me feel very confident and comfortable doing hospice care. She is the most caring and compassionate when attending to her patients’ needs and does everything she can to make sure they are the most comfortable and taken care of. Watching her with patients is a very rewarding experience, and I always strive to deliver the same amount of compassion that Tamesha possesses in doing this very difficult job. And she’s always there to help co-workers in any way she possibly can. She’s an outstanding caregiver and human being, and this is why I am nominating miss Tamesha.”

Thank you Tamesha for your commitment to those you serve.


Congratulations to our July 2013 winner Tamesha Prout, with Suncrest Hospice.

Each winner will receive a gift card that can be used for whatever the recipient decides and an award.

In January, the Hospice Caregiver of the Year will be announced at a banquet honoring the twelve monthly winners. The Caregiver of the Year will win a trip for two within Colorado.

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Caregiver Award