A team of Violetta Stoyanov’s co-workers at The Denver Hospice joined together to nominate her for the December Horan & McConaty Caregiver award. Violetta is an RN with tireless and loving devotion to her patients, and is well deserving of this award.


We are… an Executive Director at a facility where Violetta  cares for many patients, President of The Denver Hospice, Director of Hospice Services, her Clinical Manager, a Social Worker at The Denver Hospice, a Chaplain at The Denver Hospice and a Liaison. Each of us describes Violetta from his or her own vantage point. Here are excerpts gleaned from each of the letters of nomination that will allow you to get an insider’s look at our beloved Violetta, winner of the December Caregiver of the Month award.

  • Violetta especially shines in her care of patients with dementia and patients in facilities; populations that are often the most difficult to care for …her dependability and consistency make her a perfect match for this underserved patient
  • We feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with a nurse of Violetta’s caliber. She always knows the right thing to do or say, whether it is a kind word, a hug, a touch or a She has a gift to calm upset and scared families by providing comfort and understanding in a manner only she can.
  • I often observe Violetta visit a patient in the morning and then return again in the afternoon to address another need or check on him again. Patients and families feel embraced by Violetta and trust her to care for them at this special time of their
  • Violetta is a fierce advocate for her patients, ensuring that they get the best care, supplies and She checks in on most patients on a daily basis and works long hours to make sure they receive exceptional care and attention.
  • Violetta is neat as a pin, efficient, smart, savvy, unique and She will go to the ends of the earth doing the job she loves for the people she loves.
  • And from our chaplain:

In closing, Violetta is so genuine in her care and support of these precious people who are dying and preparing to leave this earth. She is one of those people who is “anointed” to do the work she does. My prayer has always been, “Where can we find more Violettas?”

Thank you for honoring our nominee for December 2015, Violetta Stoyanov.

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At the end of twelve months the review committee will select the Caregiver of the Year to be revealed at a banquet honoring the twelve finalists. The Caregiver of the Year will win a trip for two within Colorado.

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