April 2014 Caregiver Award – Ron Urban

Ron Urban is the winner of the April Hospice Caregiver Award, presented by Horan & McConaty.

He was nominated by Danielle Andrews and Andrea Helsel who each had the following to say about why they nominated Ron.

Ron Urban has worked for Porter Hospice Residence for many years as housekeeping and maintenance. I could talk forever about all the ways he helps us at PHR, keeping us safe by shoveling and deicing, scraping windows, keeping our environment clean, repairing the inevitable things that go wrong with such a quiet and competent spirit and a kind smile every morning, but this is a caregiver award, so I’d like to describe how he cares for our patients. He cleans the rooms, respecting a patient’s need for quiet or a gentle, supportive, “normal” conversation, for instance, inquiries on their favorite colors. He gets to know the patients and is a welcome sight. Many patients might wake up to find a handcrafted butterfly in their favorite colors on their wall. After the patient leaves us, their family has a beautiful, individual reminder of their family member, and a butterfly that color will show up on our gazebo or in our trees. Ron’s humble gift is a reminder to us all that our patients are beautiful, different individuals that are with us physically for a short time, but their spirit remains in our hearts.

Danielle Andrews, RN
Porter Hospice Residence


I’ve worked with Ron over his past 3 years at Porter Hospice Residence. What surprises me about his role is he provides not only maintenance and expertise with our 18 room in-patient hospice facility, he also provides expertise in compassion and love. I don’t know of many maintenance men who come to work with the objective to not only repair and maintain a facility, but also outreach and support the patient’s, families, and staff. Ron does this in his own, quiet, unique way. If you weren’t paying attention, you might almost miss the signs that Ron has visited with someone. But inevitably, in conversation talking with families, if Ron has met them, he has left his mark. Ron’s humble and quiet countenance is a symbol and an example of the servant-like quality we wish to demonstrate to patients and families. Recently, Ron has taken on more leadership in his work area and been able to present issues that have come up within the team. Ron’s ability to be humble, love, and have compassion, sets him up to be a leader at our inpatient hospice. When Ron addresses things that are not going as they should, the staff listens. Ron’s dedication as well as his optimism and encouraging spirit, make him an integral part of our hospice team. Certainly, running a facility is vital, AND Ron Urban’s maintanence role goes far beyond that. With efficiency and grace he accomplishes emotional support and facility maintenance. He is a gift from God to our PHR team. Thank you Ron.

Andrea Helsel, LSW
Porter Hospice & St. Anthony Hospice

Thank you Ron for your commitment to those you serve!

Congratulation to our April winner Ron Urban.

Each winner will receive a gift card that can be used for whatever the recipient decides and an award.

At the end of twelve months the review committee will select the Caregiver of the Year to be revealed at a banquet honoring the twelve finalists. The Caregiver of the Year will win a trip for two within Colorado.

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